Recovery for Life
Rogers Home stands behind our signature program. We help our residents recover now and continue to live a sober life.
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The Program
Our program has been designed from the ground up with residents recovery in mind. We believe that our multi-pronged approach allows us to help residents stay sober and restart their lives.
Rogers Home offers a safe, comfortable, clean, and peaceful home to enable participants to focus on their personal journey of recovery. Single and double rooms are available. All utilities are included. Each bedroom and the common area are cable TV and internet ready. Participants are encouraged to personalize their space to gain a sense of commitment and belonging.
Recovery Coaching
Milton Rogers utilizes his 20+ years of personal sobriety experience to coach each individual every week. Up to two hours of private coaching are provided per person to assist with the "inside stuff' that led to addiction. Time is invested to review the direction and the progress of each recovery effort. Building self-esteem is an important goal of the private sessions. In addition, one night each week is devoted to motivational guidance in a group setting.
Case Management
Rogers Home considers each participant as an individual with unique needs. Case management deals with the "outside stuff', meaning issues that come to the individual as a fact of his own life. Notarized proof of residency letters are provided on request. Letters are offered to the Department of Human Services for food vouchers. Progress reports are presented to parole and probation officers. Participants receive personal support and coaching in family matters.
Employment Assistance
A history of addiction often means a scrambled work history. Jobs lost, long periods of time without work, and an overall lack of direction are common. Our Director of Life Skills and Milton Rogers formulate a plan of support including a resume review and guidance in a job search. Our vast number of community contacts and business owners enable us to network for a job for those participants that excel in their recovery program.
The Process
Our process involves a few steps to help you achieve the milestones necessary to learn how to deal with addiction. Our ultimate goals is to help you transition back to a normal life.
Meet with Milton
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Sign the Recovery Contract
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Take Part in Activities
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Achieve Milestones
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Transition to Your New Life
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The Details
The program has been designed to be as low-cost as possible so that most people can participate. We are proud to provide our service while always operating as an official non-profit business.
Admission Criteria
While Rogers Home seeks participants from all walks of life we currently only accept male participants. Only participants that are clean & sober are allowed to enter the program. Each person must complete an entrance assessment during a personal interview.
Program Fees
Rogers Home’s gracious donors allow us to run our program at cost. To learn more about Rogers Home’s program fees and recovery milestone tutition reimbursement click below.
Procedures & Policies
Rogers Home seeks to create a positive atmosphere for all participants and to that end has created a set of policies that help everyone live harmoniously.
We want to encourage you to share your story with another addict upon achieving the 120 Day Milestone of your own recovery program at Rogers Home.