Pawtucket House
Rogers Home welcomes you to our Pawtucket House. This House is acts as our headquarters as well as our meeting place for our many meetings. Currently the house can handle twelve men.

If you are interested in taking the next step contact us with any questions you might have.
Check out our space below!

This community room hosts two weekly group therapy/recovery sessions presented by Milton Rogers, Recovery Genius and Keith Jackson, Home Manager. Chess anyone? Want to watch a favorite movie or TV show on the 65" flat screen TV? Enjoy sporting events with expansive cable network options provided by Rogers Home.

Wi-Fi connected laptop is available as a job search tool, access to email, or research your topic of the day. Select from a number of books including self-help or a favorite genre.

At Rogers Home we believe a two-man room provides a level of individual safety and a friendly partner that helps in early recovery. Each room is equipped with a wall-mounted flat screen TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, and a personal dresser & night stand.

The Rogers Home for Sober Living program is designed  to empower men to build a new life over a period of 10+ months. Senior peers that demonstrate a strong recovery program may transition to a single bedroom as part of preparing to live life on your own.

No one goes hungry here! Participants prepare their own meals in the fully-equipped kitchen. Rogers Home assists each person to obtain a government SNAP food card. Food is also available from our home pantry. As it turns out, there is usually cooking experience in our group and we encourage this cooperative activity.

Sit down to enjoy a meal with the guys in the home. Or, invite a friend or family member to join you so they too may begin to understand that people in recovery are "good" people. Help us help the community to better understand what recovery is all about.

Our space is comfortable and offers a place to relax and enjoy fresh air. Have a conversation. Hold an outdoor meeting. There is a firepit that the guys gather around for a sense of relaxation and peace. Off street parking is available.

Comfortable seating and a place to take refuge during poor weather. Rogers Home offers several areas in and around our home for relaxation and friendly conversation. Or, simply take a break from the group for your own quiet time.